Testing Mobile Applications (CITCON 2010)

The CITCON 2010 London session about software testing on mobile devices was well-attended with a reasonable distribution of experience across Android, iOS, Blackberry, proprietary platforms and people with experience of cross-platform tools.

Types of testing and cost/benefit

Book based on mobile testing experience at Google:

Julian Harty, “A Practical Guide to Testing Wireless Smartphone Applications”, Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2009 (ISBN 1608452530)

Popularity in different markets

Financial: Blackberry and iOS

Consumer: Android and iOS (as of November 2010 Android has just eclipsed sales of iOS handsets.)

Tomtom’s Story

Worked to partition legacy code out into 3 layers:

The plan:

1) Keeping UI and platform abstraction layers as thin and separate as possible.

2) Separate build and test of middle layer — especially routing algorithms and navigation data.

Separation of concerns and basic engineering concerns still important for mobile development. Perhaps more so when targeting multiple platforms from a shared codebase.

Causes of platform fragmentation

John Resig - mobile testing presentation - “can’t emulate what network operators put in the platform” (Paraphrasing)

Cross-platform Strategies



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